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Smart Manufacturing Services

Look closer, see further. Understand and optimize your production in real time.


Our team of experts configure and integrate perfectly adapted manufacturing management solutions. We are committed to helping your organization make data-driven decisions. We aim to empower your teams with the information they need at the right time, and with greater meaning, fidelity, reliability and efficiency.



Visualize your plant in real time


Monitoring your production is a good start. But why stop there when you could do so much more?

Our goal: to provide your teams with actionable information, helping them identify what’s working well, what could be improved and just how to improve it.

To do so, we collect, filter, contextualize and logically store production data.


  • Downtime and availability
  • Performance, production counts and process status
  • Laboratories, in-production and quality tests
  • Product traceability (genealogy)
  • Operations and tasks
  • Scheduling and production progress
  • Inventory and warehouse
  • Raw material and energy consumption

Make smarter and insightful decisions aligned with your business objectives


We are committed to empowering your teams to act on facts, helping them easily — but diligently — face business challenges and seize opportunities.

Through proprietary analysis models and algorithms, we transform information into knowledge, facilitating processes and operations.

That way, everyone can contribute to the achievement of your business goals, from operators to managers.


  • Track and centralize product batch information, such as raw materials, employees, operations, warehousing and shipping
  • Trace back products and their location with recall reasons
  • Track test results and receive notifications when quality ratio is low
  • Digitalize and centralize laboratories and quality test results
  • Identify factors that affect production quality
  • Standardize production across manufacturing lines and plants
  • Automate the setting of recipe and machine parameters according to production schedule
  • Track equipment status and receive notifications when speed changes
  • Identify downtime frequency, length and causes
  • Plan preventive maintenance and equipment modernization and/or replacement
  • Identify frequency, length and causes of efficiency losses, such as bottlenecks, slowing down progress and blockers
  • Analyze cycle time, setup time, and operator performance
  • Automate the setting of production parameters according to schedule
  • Track inventory and warehouse levels and receive notifications when running low
  • Analyze material and resource consumption at each step of the production
  • Reduce unnecessary work in progress, wastes, scraps and overages
  • Reduce inventory levels and improve turnover
  • Centralize raw materials and finished products information, such as genealogy, quality test results and expiry dates
  • Retrieve faster materials, semi-finished products and finished products
  • Track production and task progress, receiving notifications before bottlenecks and slowing down progress become blockers
  • Plan optimal production sequence and quantity when orders are placed through your ERP
  • Send production schedule and work sequence to the operator’s workstation automatically
  • Adjust targeted delivery time and task priorities when an unplanned event impacts initial schedule
  • Send notifications to operators when scheduling and sequencing change

Digitalize work documentation and make it available at workstations, allowing operators to:

  • Enter downtime reasons, quality test results and production information, such as control and check sheets
  • Receive the latest version of visual and written tasks, changeovers and setup instructions
  • Translate instructions according to personal preferences
  • Keep track of the latest production schedule and receive notification when it changes
  • Plan work sequences by adjusting and executing priorities
  • Select the best plant and line to manufacture a new product
  • Track products throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring full traceability
  • Meet industry and certification standards
  • Provide documented proof that production process and product quality are fully compliant with requirements

Master your destiny


We believe that the true value of an improvement is not only measured by the results, but by the process itself. Therefore, the utmost value of our solutions resides in the actions your teams take to optimize your processes.

Our solutions are designed to capture and democratize production information, helping your teams develop a common and complete understanding of your facilities. Moreover, the solutions we offer reach their full potential when your teams are leveraging your information in order to develop and improve the way you work.


  • Training sessions and programs
  • Equipment maintenance, modernization and replacement programs
  • Operational procedures
  • Work methods and procedures
  • Specifications, data sheets, work orders and other documents supporting activities
  • Quality policies and standards
  • Continuous improvement programs

Moving towards operational excellence


We believe that every company has the power to achieve operational excellence. As complex or unachievable as it may seem, it is simply a comprehensive journey of smart and informed decisions. Decisions that come from a common, complete and constant understanding of your company.

Because the secret behind operational excellence lies in two foundations: teamwork, with every single team member working together. And, transparency: from seeing, knowing, understanding, communicating and acting upon what’s happening in real time.

And data is the greatest enabler. Data available to all in real time.

Embark on a journey with our team

We are more than integrators: we are smart manufacturing partners. This means we are fully committed to modelling perfectly purposeful, insightful and evolutive solutions. To do so, we have developed our own exhaustive, integrated — and yet flexible — journey.


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PTD experts conducting immersive work sessions to design a smart manufacturing solution.
Solution Design
PTD experts successfully deploying a smart manufacturing solution.
Solution Integration and Implementation
PTD team member carefully listening to a client.
Support and Technical Assistance

Our team members,
your success partners

Making a difference for your business, now and for years to come. This is what we are all about. It’s so much more than a critical success factor to a digital project, it’s what drives us every day.

Because we care. And this is why each of our clients has their own dedicated team.

Project manager working closely with our client's team.
Project Manager

Our project managers lead every project to success, making it worth the investment. This means delivering the highest quality solution on time and on budget, while ensuring your team is ready to deploy the solution to its fullest potential. Guiding you throughout the complete journey, they act as a central connection point between your team and ours.

Lead architect designing systems and information architecture.
Lead Architect

Every client — and even every facility — has their own processes, methods and challenges. Over the years, our senior consultants have been diversifying their portfolios of knowledge and cases. Drawing on their in-depth expertise, they provide strategic and technical guidance at all phases of the project. Responsible for solution design, they oversee the development team and deployment efforts.

Developers configuring a solution by coding a program.
Developers and Engineers

Our team of application developers and manufacturing execution system specialists leverages innovation and creativity to constantly redefine what is possible. Having mastered the science of coding, they work to discover and improve ways of addressing your needs to fulfil your ambitions.

Project director coaching a manufacturing execution system engineer.
Project Director

Contributing their extensive experience, project directors maintain an overview of the project with the benefit of hindsight. Participating at an executive level to help steer project success, they advise the team, ask the right questions, and manage quality assurance.

Our technology partners

Our solutions are based on standard technology and software configured to your needs, challenges, business parameters, and preferences. Because we strive to provide a perfectly purposeful, insightful and evolutive digital solution, supported by a tried-and-tested, reliable foundation.


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