Enhancing Sales with Liveline: Struturack's Success Story

Seizing Opportunities for Excellence

Structurack, a leader in providing warehouse storage systems for any storage needs, prides itself on innovation and quality. With approximately 20 dedicated employees, Struturack has always aimed to stay ahead of the curve. Recently, they identified a golden opportunity to improve their propositions and elevate their service offerings by incorporating 3D visualizations into their client presentations.

Seeing the Potential of 3D

Structurack recognized the growing demand for 3D visualizations and its potential to elevate their offerings. While their existing 2D CAD (AutoCAD) and 3D BIM (Revit) software were proficient, they saw an opportunity to streamline the creation of these visualizations. Their current tools, however, proved time-consuming and resource-intensive, especially for handling larger projects. To stay ahead, Structurack sought a faster, more efficient solution.

Discovering Liveline

At a recent trade show in Toronto, the Structurack team encountered Liveline through Mathieu Potvin, VP of engineering at Structurack. They were immediately drawn to Liveline’s promise: high-quality 3D videos showcasing your assets created rapidly and efficiently. The potential to transform their visualization capabilities was clear, and Structurack decided to take the leap.

Effortless Efficiency

The transition to Liveline was seamless, with the Structurack team quickly adopting its user-friendly interface. The results were immediate and impressive: tasks that previously required hours of work are now completed in half the time. This significant time savings is evident from the very first project, with the potential for even faster completion times as proficiency grows. Furthermore, Liveline's intuitive design empowers even new users to create layouts in just 20-30 minutes.

Structurack's first major project using Liveline became a showcase for their newfound capabilities. The 3D visualizations impressed with their high quality and professionalism, further enhanced by the strategic inclusion of the Structurack logo and music. This subtle brand integration resonated with clients, solidifying the positive impact of Liveline.

Liveline's Competitive Advantage

The shift to Liveline brought quantifiable benefits:

  • Double the Speed: Structurack could now create 3D visualizations twice as fast as before.
  • Exceptional Quality: The visualizations were of exceptional quality, impressing clients and setting a new standard in the industry.
  • Enhanced Professionalism: The addition of branding elements like the Structurack logo and music enhanced the overall presentation.
  • Rapid User Onboarding: Intuitive interface enables Structurack's team to become self-sufficient in under an hour, minimizing training costs and maximizing ROI.

These advantages helped Structurack distinguish themselves from competitors and provided a compelling reason for clients to choose their services.

A variety of storage systems featuring a central roller conveyor, designed to streamline and enhance the order preparation process.

Looking Ahead

The introduction of Liveline has positively impacted Structurack’s goals and strategies. Liveline has provided a valuable tool that enhances their sales presentations and client interactions. Struturack is now better equipped to win projects and deliver exceptional results.


A Word of Recommendation

Struturack’s positive experience with Liveline has affirmed its value as a solution for companies in need of superior 3D visualization capabilities. They believe that Liveline's features can significantly benefit any company striving to create high-quality 3D visuals effectively.

"Liveline has enabled us to create high-quality 3D videos much faster and more efficiently than we ever could before. We are confident this will be a strong differentiator in the future." said Jeremie Golding, Estimator-Designer at Structurack.


By embracing Liveline, Structurack has set a new benchmark in their industry, turning an opportunity for improvement into a remarkable success story. With Liveline, Structurack is not just keeping up with the times—they are leading the way. 

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