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As enablers for digitalization, we support scoping projects, needs, and smart manufacturing ambitions. Whether you have an existing infrastructure, or starting out, we can assist and consult on optimizing data and digitalizing processes beyond the solution. Additionally, our user-friendly support page enables you to find solutions and resolve tickets quicker.

This page aims to empower you to understand how our team of dedicated professionals can ease the processes involved in digital transformation. Our win-win approach empowers you through our vast network of experience and professionals, while we expand our expertise across several fields of manufacturing. Whether your industry focusses in repetitive, discreet, continuous, or batch manufacturing, our experts are here to enable you to reach your goals faster, whilst getting the best value out of your investment.

Technical support

Our technical support services go further than initial integration. We’re committed to offer the best technical support services 24/7. From taking your first steps to gathering and understanding your data, to asset management and resource optimisation, our experts are well versed in providing you with solutions tailored to your specific manufacturing reality.


Our specialists ensure you’re always working with up-to-date code and make sure you’re getting the best flow of production. Our flexible arrangements make sure you’re covered with 24/7 or 5/7 all-access support platform.

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Software Updating

While solutions come state-of-the-art to support your manufacturing needs, outdated software  tend to struggle to keep up with your demands. Ensuring you’re covered throughout the lifecycle of your integrated solution; our support services enable you to take full advantage of proactive updating and maintenance.

Resource and Documentation

While our manufacturing solutions are paired with a dedicated team of experts to ensure smooth transitions to digitalized workspaces, we go a step further by offering you extensive knowledgebase further grants you access to the best-in-class resources. This diligently curated knowledgebase ensures you have everything to quickly resolve any issues during and after implementation. The database can be easily accessed through your client space, where you can also manage tickets efficiently.

Post-implementation support

Integrated Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) are well known to have maintenance reminders and proactive updating, however not every fix is as simple. Our post-implementation support enables you to feel secure in knowing you’re not left alone with advanced systems.

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Corrective maintenance

Our support service teams facilitate corrective maintenance for all of your interconnected systems. As you’ll have experience, digitalization steps up your game in terms of managing your assets. Every industry knows that mistakes are bound to happen. Systems are improved and optimized on a regular basis to ensure an ease of mind that you are working with the best and most up-to-date versions.

Preventive maintenance

Our support teams go beyond to minimize the chances of issues happening. We work with you to make sure you’re equipped with the right toolset to tackle new projects. An integrated digital ecosystem allows you to take full advantage of a proactive adjusting. You can easily understand and explore the avenues in which you need extra assistance. Our dedicated teams aim to provide you with the right preparation to expand your infrastructure, expand storage capacity, and optimise systems to work with newly integrated software and hardware.

Continuous improvement

Smart Manufacturing is synonymous to continuous improvement. As such, it’s crucial to be adequately supported when it comes to implementing new features. We make sure your inquiries are matched with the right experts to assist project developments and works with you to find the right evolutive approach. Working with you and to maximise your ROI, we offer frequent follow-up meetings; coaching on the use of your MES; as well as a hands-on approach to guiding the next steps towards your digital vision.

Solution support

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They activate their full potential with our support offering


Empowering partnerships for better processes at PTWE

“What I liked about working with PT Digital was their agility and their ability to quickly find solutions. These solutions allowed us to focus our efforts in the right places, by reviewing our ways of doing things for better efficacy”

Mehdi Lazoulli
PM Industrial Processes at PTWE

A deeper dive into paper processing with Cascades

“The difference between Premier Tech Digital and its competitors lies in the way the company seeks to empower its customers by sharing the knowledge and expertise that is most useful to its clients. Instead of giving us fish, they teach us how to fish”

Benoit Lapensée 
MES Corporate Director at Cascades

Tools to help you progress in your Smart Manufacturing project

The role of an MES

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