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Our Approach

Our approach combines decades of experience, diversified client applications, seamless project management techniques and best practices in manufacturing system integration. Ensuring short term gains and long-term success in your journey towards operational excellence.

By working closely with your team, we quickly adapt our solution to your preferences. Enabling a constant and fluid transfer of knowledge, from start to finish.



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As your business partner, we feel like getting to know you is key to understanding your challenges and opportunities. Therefore, we want to hear all about your global business objectives, project expectations and key concerns from the get-go.

This will help our team craft a digital vision and draft a solution bespoke to your organization.

Our goal: to determine the scope of your project and work together to make it a success.

Needs assessment

  • Global challenges and their impacts
  • Global needs, ambitions and expectations
  • Manufacturing processes overview
  • Information Technology ecosystem overview


Digital vision and solution framework

  • Priorities and strategic alignment
  • Key functionalities
  • Project team and roadmap
PTD experts conducting immersive work sessions to design a smart manufacturing solution.

Solution Design


We design solutions adapted to your current goals and ambitions, evolving over time to reach your future aspirations. This is why we seek to understand your reality and environment. Why we take the time to understand you and your business through open-ended questions and listening.

To do so, our experts conduct immersive work sessions with your team. Combined with our extensive industry know-how, these workshops allow us to define and document functional and technical requirements.

Resulting in solutions that are perfectly aligned with your needs and digital vision.


  • Needs, challenges, goals and expectations by department
  • User and stakeholder interviews
  • Manufacturing processes and infrastructure
  • Working processes and methods
  • Key performance indicators
  • Information Technology infrastructure and ecosystem
  • Software and hardware criteria


Co-creation and expert work sessions

  • Functionalities and features
  • Information gathering metrics, measurement units, calculations, etc.
  • Architecture of systems and information
  • Software, technologies and hardware
  • User experience and interface design


Requirements documentation

  • Description of the solution and functionalities
  • Configuration and implementation plan and schedule
  • Project teams
PTD experts successfully deploying a smart manufacturing solution.

Solution Integration and Implementation


Building on over 25 years of experience, our team relies on advanced techniques to lead your projects to success.

By working in close collaboration with your teams, we oversee the project management and solution configuration. Plus, we share with you all the knowledge necessary to take full ownership of the solution as soon as it becomes operational.

By the end of this phase, you will be using the solution; immediately seeing and taking advantage of the benefits.

Configure, test, learn

  • Manual and automated data gathering code
  • Information exchange between systems and equipment
  • Analyses models and algorithms
  • Events configuration
  • Notifications
  • Technical and system integration tests
  • User tests


Solution implementation and knowledge transfer

  • Quality control
  • Transfer of knowledge to a “digital champion” in your team
  • Training of power users



  • Readiness assessment and deployment plan
  • Deployment preparation and rehearsal
  • Go-live and stabilization
  • Transition to operations
PTD team member carefully listening to a client.

Support and Technical Assistance


Manufacturing challenges and processes change over time. Plus, moving to digital and automated processes require adjustments and adaptation. Rest assured, we are here for the long run.

Through follow-ups, we make sure all users — from the one entering information to the one analyzing it — are getting the most out of the solution.

As your teams discover the solution, and as business evolves, we help you grow towards your digital vision by scaling up the solution and building on new investment.

Post deployment follow-up

  • User behaviours
  • Project objectives and results
  • Optimization of the solution
  • User training
  • Success management


Evolution of the solution

  • Original roadmap
  • New challenges and their impacts
  • New needs, ambitions and expectations
  • New manufacturing processes
  • New IT infrastructure
  • Roadmap of the evolution of the solution
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