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Embrace the future with Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing, the waves of tomorrow. To ensure the success of your Smart Manufacturing projects, dedicated support is crucial. Our comprehensive guide is designed to address all your queries and help you comprehend the various implementation services we provide.

Partnering with us grants you access to a wide range of expertise. Whether it's software infrastructure design or skilled smart manufacturing specialists, we offer transparent collaborations that stand the test of time. In addition to project support, we also offer a suite of smart manufacturing consulting services to support your digital transformation journey.

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turnkey approach to successful MES implementation

Choosing the right partner is as important as choosing the right MES. By choosing the right partner, you can ensure a smooth and effective process to revolutionize your manufacturing.

PT Digital’s proud 28 years of dedicated smart manufacturing excellence and outstanding support is at the forefront of industry. Our turnkey approach aims to offer you a tailored service by understanding your specific situation. Our array of specialists work with you to pinpoint where support is needed. And, our consulting extends to a post-integration support to tackle any challenge that may come.

Work with a dedicated team of diversified specialists

Our dedicated team of diversified specialists ensure optimized solution integration. With a stalwart team of project managers, solution architects, and smart manufacturing specialists, we offer industry-leading integration services to meet your industry need. This bridges the gap between industries, even the grey areas that may need additional support.


24/7 Localized Support 

Adding to our extended reach, we offer 24/7 localized support. We have worked to understand our customer-specific needs through our worldwide network that spans across Canada, USA, Mexico, France, Qatar, Korea, and Japan. A history of working with a diverse array of projects and industries lets us offer a complete accompaniment in automation and Business Intelligence (BI). 

High quality solutions paired with reliable project management

A dedicated project management is crucial to ensure a successful implementation.

Our approach uses a blend of waterfall and agile project management. This allows you to dream big while starting small. Choosing a partner with industry-specific expertise enables you to go beyond getting the license. Our goal is to empower you with our curated fusion-approach to maximise your efficiency in all facets of your manufacturing; to guide you to successfully reach autonomy and optimal returns. Our approach also gives you better scalability with our cyclical configuration, testing, revision, and launch.

Our MES project implementation steps 


The discovery process begins with an initial assessment, to define your project’s vision and goals. This high-level analysis lets us know what you want to achieve, understand your business, and your industry-specific needs. We then can setup a plan to define a long-term roadmap and relationship. Whether your end goal is integrating in one location or many, discovery lets us get to a formal design.



Once enough information is gathered, the goal turns to creating a Functional Design Specification (FDS) document. Our approach to this FDS is committed to creating a baseline to estimate the scope and depth of your project. This baseline overviews the statement of work and estimates change-control processes going forward. The focus here is on the what, not the how. However, a Detailed Design Specification (DDS) document can be done as well to suit certain project sizes and specifications.



We ensure to involve you throughout the programming and interface design of the architecture configuration. This inclusive and involved approach makes sure every solution reflects specific situations. Rigorous internal testing creates a feedback loop with your power-users and operators to expedite the implementation and empower with effective training.



Our testing takes various forms to ensure the proper function of your integrated solutions. Typically, an internal unit will go through a series of rigorous end-to-end quality assurance (QA) testing before the solution is released to the greater whole of your organisation. This enables our partners to hit the ground running once the green light signals a go-ahead for plant implementation. We ensure you’re involved in the process, because it enables your IT to be familiarized with the ins-and-outs of the solution while being involved in the build.



Our training approach centers on empowering your autonomy. To do so, training happens throughout our partnership. Our knowledge transfer empowers your champions to setup a responsible training plan that works with your team. We also provide supplemental training in the form of training packages.



Once the plan is accepted, we guide you through an evolutive deployment plan that seemlessly transfers your operation over from the old system. A risk mitigation plan is further devised to ensure that the system is up and running as soon as possible, without any hiccups. Ultimately, our phased deployment lets you feel safe knowing both your small and large ambitions evolve gradually.



We further support the optimization of the solution within your workspace; where an initial ‘hyper-care’ stabilization period ensures we catch any bugs or issues that may arise. We make sure you experience a smooth transition to business as usual. This ongoing optimization ensures a continuous and complete potential of the solution - Its about revising and improving; think big, start small. And once the project is finalized, we offer ongoing support packages to support your later developments.

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Get the most of your MES with our post-deployment follow-up

Most MES software editors specialize in knowing a solution’s capabilities like the back of their hand. However, their post-integration support will often be limited. PT Digital’s support empowers you to be autonomous with a curated knowledge base.

Every PT project is approached by a dedicated team that evolves with you. This personal touch extends to a personalized client space where you can easily follow any ticket requests and updates on your MES.

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Make the solution evolve according to your new challenge

It’s important to have a long-term vision when it comes to digitalization. While the MES enables you to have process data, it’s what you do with it that counts. Our goal is to enable the MES to become a cornerstone of your operation, by assisting you beyond integration with audits, knowledge, and courses to empower your evolving needs. Beyond this integration, we empower you with additional tools to support your digitalized ecosystem.

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MES software we implement 

Smart manufacturing projects typically rely on a generic or specialized MES. Well-know infrastructures and applications serve as a great foundation to get started in smart manufacturing. They offer a general approach to empower any industry to get connected. As a certified integrator, we offer General Electric Company Digital Software (GE, Plant Apps), System Applications and Products in Data Processing (SAP, MII), and Inductive (Ignition, SCADA softwares) solutions to cater to a wide range of needs across the world.


Other smart manufacturing softwares we work with

Beyond licensing and integration, Premier Tech Digital stands out by offering its own array of smart manufacturing solutions, such as Rizeline and Syncrun. Our agnostic approach and tailored solutions offer an unmatched service and dedication that evolves with you.

Proven expertise

30 years

of evolving with you

Premier Tech’s expertise is a hundred years in the making. Evolving to meet the needs of an ever-growing market, Premier Tech’s values are embodied by over 5 200 team members and has expanded into manufacturing and production.

For three decades, our Digital branch has been a leader in Smart Manufacturing solution implementation; and globally recognized for our outstanding commitment and support.

About us


Adaptability and acumen over

1000 projects

Premier Tech Digital’s solutions span over 1000 independent smart manufacturing projects. Each PT project follows an evolutive approach that is tailored to manufacturers' needs. This approach has developed over years of working with a diverse portfolio of partners in different markets, industries, and contexts. Our expertise takes into account variety of manufacturing realities, which gives us an advantage to tailoring solutions to you.


We are


Our rich history and adaptable approaches are what enable us to thrive. Early on, we realized that to offer an exemplary service, we needed to understand the facets and intricacies of manufacturing. A century of development spans across agriculture, environment, manufacturing and automation.

We understands manufacturers' needs because we are manufacturers. Our history of partnerships and innovation gives us a rich approach to connect people and technologies to make a difference. Utilizing a rich array of resources allows us to ensure the best outcomes that are tailored to your industry-specific needs. Beyond integration we go the distance to support our partnerships to flourish.



We have worked with a wide range of industries and professional, across the greater width of the world, such as:


A deeper dive into paper processing with Cascades

“The difference between Premier Tech Digital and its competitors lies in the way the company seeks to empower its customers by sharing the knowledge and expertise that is most useful to its clients. Instead of giving us fish, they teach us how to fish”

Benoit Lapensée 
MES Corporate Director at Cascades

Empowering partnerships for better processes at PTWE

“What I liked about working with PT Digital was their agility and their ability to quickly find solutions. These solutions allowed us to focus our efforts in the right places, by reviewing our ways of doing things for better efficacy”

Mehdi Lazoulli
PM Industrial Processes at PTWE

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