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Smart manufacturing consultation services extend far beyond MES integration. Discover how our array of consulting services empower you to have full transparency and control over your everyday operations. Whether you know what solutions you’re looking for, or if you’re taking your first step, we’re here to assist and guide you through your digitalization. 

What we do as Smart Manufacturing consultants

Our expertise extends far beyond MES integration. We aim to be enablers for digitalization, our expertise helps you scope projects, figure out your digitalization needs, and the best way to reach your smart manufacturing goals. As manufacturing consultants, we can assist and consult on optimizing data, digitalizing your processes, and more beyond your existing infrastructure.

Wide scope of services to support you in your digital transition

PT Digital works with you. Our consulting looks at your operational reality to help you better understand how you work best. We always analyse each business case in terms of your user requirement specifications (URS). Then, we corelate your needs to functionalities to create a plan that lets you understand and visualize the steps to reach your goals.

Once your goals are laid out, the planning turns to mapping solutions based on your business and financial priorities. Our evolutive project approach enables you to really get the most out of every step. Whether you’re in the initial steps into digitalization or looking to expand existing implementations, we ensure every project is developed with your ambitions. And we remain agnostic through our consulting services to ensure that you get equipped with the best solution.

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30 years of Smart Manufacturing Expertise

As manufacturers, we’re well versed in finding solutions to suit your industry-specific needs. Beyond integration we have gone the distance to support flourishing businesses for over 30 years of smart manufacturing excellence. Optimizing your manufacturing brings countless advantages., where our partnerships make sure you’re fully supported at every step of your digitalization.

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For three decades, our digital division has been a leader in smart manufacturing solution implementation and globally recognized for its unprecedented commitment and support. We’ve evolved to meet the needs of an ever-growing market. With an array of specialist in the digital field, we aim to fit solutions to your needs.

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A network of services partners

Our external network allows us to offer you a full depth of solutions beyond our dedicated team of diversified specialists. Working with us means you take full advantage of the knowledge gained through decades of partnerships. Our partners network allows us to expand our expertise beyond smart manufacturing with other digital specialities such as web design, infrastructure network, change management, BI and much more.

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Get the most out of your MES

We offer a full support through every step of a project cycle to ensure you are accompanied and getting the most out of your solution. Our team is committed to give you real-time data access, where digitalization gives you a clear look at what happens during your processes.

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A deeper dive into paper processing with Cascades

“The difference between Premier Tech Digital and its competitors lies in the way the company seeks to empower its customers by sharing the knowledge and expertise that is most useful to its clients. Instead of giving us fish, they teach us how to fish”

Benoit Lapensée 
MES Corporate Director at Cascades

Empowering partnerships for better processes at PTWE

“What I liked about working with PT Digital was their agility and their ability to quickly find solutions. These solutions allowed us to focus our efforts in the right places, by reviewing our ways of doing things for better efficacy”

Mehdi Lazoulli
PM Industrial Processes at PTWE

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