Liveline 1.19

To all our Liveliners,

We are pleased to announce that our latest update is now ready to download.

This new version includes major improvements to our Stretch System; the tool used by your Instance Administrator to create stretchable objects. So, you can expect to see new and improved ways to interact with your equipment soon, but that’s not all, version 1.19 has a lot more in store for you.

The video overview below will present you all the details of this new release.


If you have any questions or feedback on this new release, please contact our Product Manager.

If you are not a Liveliner yet and would like to become one, reach out to our Sales Team!


Release note

Liveline Configurator

  • Project Exporter now supports STL format
  • New object property field added to rotate an object to a specific angle
  • Maximum image size increased from 1MB to 5MB
  • Images added to a project are now saved to the cloud for faster loading/opening time.
  • New Show/Hide shortcut added to the object selection bar
  • Increased video bitrate for better quality
  • Fixed issue with shadows flickering in 3D Navigation & Generated Videos
  • Fixed an issue that made it impossible to move an object on top of a stretch point
  • Fixed an issue that caused windows to disappear after mirroring an object
  • Multiple other small fixes and optimizations

Liveline Admin Tool

  • Stretch System 2.0