Sales representative building a production line configuration with Liveline.









Build a complete 3D layout in minutes.

Enable customers to visualize their future line by creating custom 3D layouts in minutes using your equipment or assets included in the Liveline Library. Move, connect, and modify any objects with ease and speed thanks to Liveline™’s powerful edition mode.

  • Customize floor size based on customer specifications or import 2D floor plans. 
  • Integrate 3D equipment from your library through drag-and-drop. 
  • Link equipment together using our intuitive snap system. 
  • Adjust conveyors, fences, walls, and other elements with a simple drag. 
  • Rotate, elevate, mirror, or duplicate any component with a single click. 
  • Enhance your project with measurements, text, and images. 
  • Create multi-floor solutions effortlessly. 
  • Organize your project with groups and layers. 
  • Visualize equipment zone clearance with a semitransparent overlay. 
  • And more. 


Showcase your solution from every angle.

Freely explore your solution and make modifications in real time with your client for a quick & painless iterative process.

  • Navigate your project in full 3D and observe equipment in motion. 
  • Fly, walk, teleport, or drive around your design. 
  • Explore your virtual plant using VR technology. 
  • Seamlessly switch between editions and modes. 


Sell your solution to all stakeholders.

Create custom high-resolution videos of your project with ease, enabling your customer to present and promote your proposal to all internal stakeholders using the power of 3D visualization for the best understanding of the solution and wow factor possible. Export Bill of Materials, 2D plans or 3D CAD software compatible files for the engineering team.

  • Generate high-quality videos in minutes for customers, websites, or marketing campaigns. 
  • Create static images from multiple angles to showcase your project. 
  • Share your projects with other Liveliners effortlessly. 
  • Export detailed bills of materials for accurate project documentation. 
  • Export projects in CAD-compatible formats like .STL or .OBJ for seamless software integration. 
High definition 3D equipment line layout
Turn ambition into action

Harness the power of 3D visualization to empower and unify stakeholders by simplifying discussions and creating a shared vision. 

Creating a production line layout in few minutes
From days to minutes

Build and showcase your solutions in a breeze with the fastest and most intuitive 3D production line configurator on de market. 

Using Liveline offline with various devices
Wherever & Whenever

Make 3d your standard. Liveline revolutionizes how you plan, generate, and visualize assets and layouts, without costly 3rd parties.

Built for OEMs by an OEM

Liveline™ was born out of a simple idea: to improve the customer buying journey of Premier Tech's Systems and Automation group.

After presenting thousands of packaging and palletization solutions to our customers and seeing the positive impact Liveline™ had on our sale process, we chose to extend the reach of our innovative solution to other equipment manufacturers and solution experts across industries, such as:

  • Packaging & Palletization 
  • Food & Beverage 
  • Waste Management 
  • Wood Processing 
  • And more 

A groundbreaking approach for a fun & intuitive experience

Built by a team of passionate individuals from the video game industry, we’ve blended the innovative drive and creativity of this industry with our deep knowledge of the manufacturing world to deliver an unmatched experience.  

Expect seamless usability, lightning-fast speed, amazing visuals, and a wow factor that will leave your clients speechless.  

Sales representative building a production line configuration with Liveline.

Liveline Academy:

Hundreds of new users worldwide have used our self-onboarding training platform to become Liveliners in under 60 minutes. Still have questions, no worries our support team is there to help.

Liveline 3D Configurator used on a tablet.

Stay one step ahead of your competition

Be at the forefront of your market by being among the first to utilize our production line configurator.