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Production Line Configurator

The power of 3D visualization at your fingertips

Limited beta release

Our innovative 3D production line configurator is designed for original equipment manufacturers looking to empower their sales team. Transforming their customer’s buying experience into something immersive and unique. Projecting them into the near future.

Thanks to a highly visual, user-friendly, intuitive and evolutive digital experience, your customers will see their future line come alive in real time.



Build a complete 3D layout in real time 


Enable customers to visualize their future line

Desire is much more powerful than a simple need. Build configurations live in front of your customers by dragging and dropping 3D models of your equipment on a virtual floor. Showing your clients exactly what is possible within the constraints of their facility. Thanks to Liveline™’s intuitive interface, your salespeople can easily configure a production line without training, nor assistance from your technical team.


  • Set floor size according to customer specifications
  • Add 3D equipment on the virtual floor with a simple drag and drop
  • Connect equipment to each other with snap and magnet points
  • Generate conveyors of any size with a simple drag
  • Rotate and mirror any equipment in one click
  • Validate your layout footprint, such as spaces between equipment, walls and obstacles, by adding measurements
  • Generate add-on sales by showing options and equipment that could be added through our “frequently bought together” recommendations

Take your customers on a virtual tour of their layout


Let them experience their future line

The best way to be convinced is to see and live. With Liveline™, your customers can freely explore their future line: see how it operates with realistic and fluid machine movement. Zoom in or out. Look from any angle. Just as if they were standing by the line and watching it work. Bringing your customers one step closer to selecting you as their solution provider.


  • Showcase full 3D view of equipment and complete production line in motion with a 360o view
  • Show equipment and full line in virtual reality
  • Create and share multiple layouts with your customer
  • Generate videos and images from different angles enabling your customer to share your line proposition with colleagues and management

Enhance your team agility and ability to share customer needs


Build-up customer buying momentum

An image is worth a thousand words, they say. Bringing your offer to life allows you to visually confirm your customer’s needs and efficiently share it within your team. Making complex ideas easy to grasp. Enabling your team to work with the same information. Creating the perfect layout, right from the start. And sending the right proposal faster.


  • Validate layout and footprint
  • Measure spaces between equipment, walls and obstacles with our measurement tool
  • Share layouts with your team, creating a rich environment of videos and images from different angles

Personalize the platform to your brand and equipment portfolio


Turn your full attention to customer experience

Desirability is all about experiencing. Customize and manage the platform and its content according to your business. Empowering your sales team to focus on building lasting relationships. Guiding your customers through the entire buying process. And creating an emotional bond between them and their future production line.


  • Add equipment to your library
  • Organize your library and personalize sorting options, such as categories and subcategories
  • Create a detailed spec sheet for each equipment, giving direct access to functionalities, performance data and sales tips within the configurator
  • Make it easy for your salespeople to work with up-to-date information and specifications leveraging our cloud platform
  • Make the configurator part of your brand image by integrating your corporate signature and product logos

Liveline™ Configurator facilitates conversation between all stakeholders by enabling them to configure, visualize and share the same 3D experience of a production line with greater:


High definition 3D equipment line layout
Visual Quality

Enjoy the highest realistic visual quality leveraging top-of-the-line 3D real-time rendering technology

Creating a production line layout in few minutes

Create and showcase equipment and production lines in a few minutes with our user-friendly experience and touch compatible technology

Touch technology easing navigation

Navigate intuitively through our platform by customizing your library, sales support documentation and sorting options

Using our 3D equipment line configurator offline

Use the application anywhere, anytime in offline mode. And on various devices, such as PCs, tablets and virtual reality headsets

It’s all about you,

all about your customers

At Premier Tech, we believe customer experience is the foundation of a company’s unique character. And this is where we see our platform making a difference: creating an experience that brings your customers closer to their vision. A complete immersion that lies in the capacity to bring products to life in a transformative way.

Liveline™ was born out of a simple idea: to create a better journey for the customers of Premier Tech Systems and Automation. Built by experts from the video game industry, this idea has evolved into a bold solution for equipment manufacturers.


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Sales representative building a production line configuration with Liveline.

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Liveline™ is now available under limited beta release. We are looking for commercial partners to be part of the last step of development before commercial launch in 2021.

Sales representatives around the world are already using Liveline™. Enhancing their customers’ buying experience. Speeding up the process from initial layout to final quotation. Delivering more agile sales teams’ interactions with fewer errors. And, increasing the return on investment of their sales expenses.