Liveline Asset Conversion Pipeline (Beta Release)

The instance administrator will be contacted to arrange a demo of our new Liveline Asset Conversion Pipeline, which automates the process of creating a 3D model for Liveline from a STEP file. Temporary access will be provided for testing purposes and feedback. We're excited to show you how quick and easy it is to use.


Shown in Release Video above:

  • Import PDF is now available.
  • PDF and Image can be stretched freely.
  • 3D Navigation Mode UI update.
  • Explorer – Move multiple objects in folders.
  • Zoom on Cursor.


And Much More:

  • Avatar collision box is now smaller to facilitate movement in tight spaces.
  • Maximum angle of an object increased from 75° to 90°.
  • Improved messaging and user experience for folder and project navigation.
  • Added the keyboard shortcut “H” to Hide/Show selected objects.
  • The “ESC” button can now be used to Cancel a process or Close a Pop-up.
  • Multiple bug fixes and optimizations.