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Determining the equipment layout of a manufacturing facility is a complex process, especially because of the sheer size of the machines. While CAD drawings allow the human mind to better conceptualize a potential manufacturing project, they are not interactive and can take several weeks to be completed, depending on the person drawing skills. Furthermore, if changes need to be made to these drawings, you are back to square one — a less than optimal process in a fast-paced industry. 

The video game industry to the rescue!

Liveline was created in response to this lack of clarity and to the desire of setting up projects quickly and easily. Vincent Martel, director of product development at Premier Tech Digital, seized the opportunity to elaborate a tool that allows you to drag and drop different machines into a given environment, and then tour the facility from a bird’s-eye view or even from the first-person perspective of a fictional character you control — just like in a video game. Without any knowledge of an engineering design software, a sales representative can intuitively build a production line in minutes and make your most complex ideas easy to understand. Thanks to this tool, you will be able to report your needs to your organization’s teams by showing team your projects in real time. 

The development of Liveline

Creating a product like this has its challenges and it’s important to quickly define its foundation. Liveline was built on three pillars: it had to be quick and easy to use, visually appealing, and sustainable. These foundations were essential to ensure the project’s fluidity. Indeed, many interesting ideas that do not add value to the product arise spontaneously during the development phase, which can considerably delay the schedule. In short, any digital project must have clearly defined objectives to stay within budget and time limits and to maintain the initial vision from start to finish.

Going beyond convention

By developing a digital product like Liveline, Premier Tech Digital hopes to reshape traditional business tools using the technologies of today and tomorrow. If, like Vincent Martel, you have the desire to contribute to the development of practical and innovative digital products, check out our available positions on our career page.