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Evolutive software for industrial digitalization

The contemporary challenges of manufacturing are numerous and digitalization is increasingly becoming a prerequisite for most, regardless of industry. Whether it's to reduce waste, to improve your environmental footprint, to provide operators with high-performance tools that ensure retention, or to improve the overall product quality, all reasons are good to turn to digital.

Rizeline is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that allows you to bring your digital vision to life with an effective solution that could reduce your production-cycle time by up to 40% and increase your production-line efficiency by 7%*.

*Averages come from our client statistics. Depending on your industry and your industrial processes, these values may change.

Available functionnalities sets


Rizeline is no ordinary manufacturing execution system. It offers three functionnality sets and various features that will enable you to accomplish a seamless digital transition.


Get connected

Data Acquisition


Connect equipment together, then collect and visualize the data generated from them.

  • The connectivity of your equipment
  • A real-time data collection
  • The accessibility of data at any time and any place
  • Data correlation in various graphic forms.
  • An automatic analysis and comparison of key metrics
  • A diagnosis of your equipment efficiency
  • Data availability for other systems

Be efficient

Data Analysis


Quality management, OEE measurement, downtime tracking, here's everything you need to improve your efficiency to reach operational excellence.

  • To calculate the overall equipment efficiency - OEE
  • To monitor an equipment availability rate, quality rate and performance rate according to its capacity
  • To monitor equipment status
  • To automatically account downtime reasons and their duration
  • To set custom alarms for out-of-bound data 
  • To contextualize efficiency data by product/SKU
  • To centralize data from various quality systems
  • To support the decision-making process
  • To easily create dashboard and BI reports.

Keep track

Traceability & genealogy


Track your products through all production steps.

  • To track information on the component of a product
  • To contextualize data based on production events, pallets, orders, bags or other
  • To store data on Microsoft Azure and share this data with your other business systems.

In addition to these modules, many features are available to you. Learn more about the various factors that influence your production efficiency, equip your operators or even ensure effective communication between your different digital systems. In all cases, we will help you define your needs and configure only the modules and features required for your digital progress.

Here are some additional features:

  • Business intelligence: Leverage the power of Microsoft Power BI by adding cross-analysis to your dashboards.
  • Communication: Share your production data with all your systems.

Trust the experience of our experts to configure your solution


With over 25 years of experience in smart manufacturing, our service team will assist you in your manufacturing digitalization project. From needs assessment, to integration, to continuous improvement, our team will handle every step of your project.




Discover the stories of businesses that increased their operational performance with Rizeline and PT Digital smart manufacturing services.


From traceability projects in the pet food industry, to complete MES integration for septic system manufacturers, Rizeline can fit to your operational reality. Come back shortly to discover new case studies.

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