Lasting Partner Relationship

Innovation has been at the very heart of who we are for nearly 100 years now. Right from the start, we invested the time and energy necessary to master the science and technology behind our solutions. But we knew we could not do this alone. This is why we have been partnering with companies whose strategic competencies, technologies and know-how strongly contribute to our ambitions.

Through genuine partner relationships, we connect cutting-edge technologies with markets and specific customer needs. This allows us to develop purposeful innovative digital solutions, supported by a tried and tested, reliable foundation.

Because we strive to have a meaningful and long-term impact on our customers’ lives. Delivering solutions that are relevant today and for years to come.


Become a partner

Ge Digital Partner

Since 1994, GE’s digital technologies has proved itself in the manufacturing market. Integrated in more than 4000 plants across the world, their programs are well known for being performant and unfailing; we confirm! Leveraging GE Suite, we can help our clients move towards a complete smart manufacturing journey. Improving each step of the production, from raw material receiving through finished product shipping.

SAP Partner

Widely present in the business software world, SAP® solutions are globally recognized for their reliability and their integrated approach that allows connecting different SAP products to each other. Whether it is for the integration of a new system, the migration of an existing system to a SAP solution or to customize SAP applications, we are now an integrator partner of SAP® Manufacturing Suite.

Microsoft Partner

With its Azure platform and services, Microsoft provides highly secure cloud storage. This enables us to offer an evolving solution. Allowing our clients to start by collecting data from one equipment, through a whole line, a plant and then, from facilities across the world. Moving step by step towards a complete smart manufacturing journey.

Widely recognized for the performance of its SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) solution, Ignition, by Inductive Automation, offers a complete platform of applications to support your manufacturing facilities digital transformation. Whether you are looking for a complete MES solution (Sepasoft) or simply want to digitize few manufacturing processes, Ignition is a simple and accessible option to start your journey towards operational excellence.